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ForeverParent is a consultative service that helps families plan for the future care of their son or daughter with special needs or mental illness. 

This preparation is essential and can’t wait or be put off to a later time. We will guide, support and develop a plan with your family so you are prepared for future caregivers to provide continuity and advocacy in your son or daughter’s life when you no longer can.  Creating a set of comprehensive tools provides a roadmap for those who will follow you.

Working with ForeverParent is the best preparation you can do as a parent. You can’t be replaced, but you can do your best planning to prepare the next person. The quality of your son or daughter’s care is significantly enhanced by how you have organized and developed a system that a caregiver can easily access. They shouldn’t have to guess; you have done this for so many years and need to record it. Without this information, they are left to make their own best decisions and will be burdened to do unnecessary research.

During this consultation, a deep mutual understanding of needs and resources is established. The initial meetings will review the needs of individual and their care. Equally important, an organizational review of the family, supports and stakeholders will be accomplished.

Lastly, after completion of a comprehensive task list and discussion about family responsibilities, you will have the essential details of your son’s or daughter’s life recorded and organized that will be easily accessible.

The family will now be able to consider the next steps of who will be there to care for them when they are not.

Common items highlighted, addressed, and discussed in our ForeverParent consultations include:

1. Who will be the next caregiver?

2. What will they need?

3. Future and current information related to:

  • Medical needs
  • Financial arrangements
  • Housing
  • Rep Payee
  • Transportation
  • Adult agency
  • Social/recreational
  • What is your son’s and/ or daughter’s wishes?
  • What do they like to eat?
  • What do they like to do for fun? Interests?
  • What are their fears?