ForeverParent exists to provide parents peace of mind by ensuring the very best for your family member through a long-term commitment to do whatever you would do, as a parent, on their behalf.

The Challenge 

Every family that includes an individual with special needs, lifelong mental health, intellectual disabilities or physical challenges, knows there is “no day off”. Whether a loved one lives next door or across the country, there is a constant level of heightened concern and worry. The energy, effort and time needed to meet these special demands frequently require tenacity, optimism, and strength, both physically and emotionally. While there are many joys and successes, the very real question always remains, “Who will take care of my loved one when I am not here?”

The Solution 

The solution to the challenges a family faces must include an approach that addresses the fundamental needs of both the present and the future. It must be immediately available for crisis situations while concurrently having an organizational structure which seeks to prevent crises from arising. Planning reduces crises and the real time management is embodied in a ForeverParent Professional.

A ForeverParent Professional is the coordinator of a customized array of services dedicated to helping each individual maximize their potential. It is an engagement in a life journey within a framework of safety, support, and stability. They are educated, experienced, and have situational awareness to make things happen. They have the compassion, knowledge, and tenacity to “be there” for each individual they serve.

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