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ForeverParent Updates, February 2023

Since August 1, 2021, ForeverParent has held several webinars, spoke to parent groups, school SEPAC meetings, adult agencies, sibling support networks, and transition conferences. We have directly spoken to hundreds of parents, guardians and siblings. It has become clear that families want peace of mind knowing their loved ones have the highest quality of lifeContinue reading “ForeverParent Updates, February 2023”

ForeverParent: A Case Study

My name is Mike (71), and my wife’s name is Amy (70). Our son, Mark, who will turn 34 next month, lives at home with us. Mark has intellectual disabilities, works part time at a supermarket in town, and takes part occasionally in social opportunities through a local recreational agency. Since Mark was in elementaryContinue reading “ForeverParent: A Case Study”

ForeverParent Webinars

We want to thank MSSN (Massachusetts Sibling Support Network) for hosting a sharing Space webinar with ForeverParent Co-Director Patric Barbieri on March 22nd. We also want to thank The Riverview School for inviting ForeverParent Co-Directors, Dafna-Krouk Gordon and Patric Barbieri to present at their 2022 Transition 2.0 Virtual Conference and the Pathways to Independence WebinarContinue reading “ForeverParent Webinars”

Forecasting “The Cycle” of Special Education and Independent Living

When my sister was transitioning from elementary to middle to high school, there was a family conflict that existed; my father wanted my sister to learn the curriculum that every student experiences and my mother was more interested in her learning functional academics and having social connections. For example, there were many years of IEPContinue reading “Forecasting “The Cycle” of Special Education and Independent Living”

(MSSN Webinar) Family Dynamics: Who will be there to worry when I am not?

On March 22, 7:00pm-8:15pm, Patric Barbieri, Co-Director of ForeverParent will be the speaker for the MSSN Sharing Space Webinar. Webinar Description: Special needs planning is an emotional process — and we tend to put it off. Every family is unique; therefore, planning for who will be there next to take care of your child requiresContinue reading “(MSSN Webinar) Family Dynamics: Who will be there to worry when I am not?”

What You Need to Know Part II

When Do You Get Siblings, Caretakers Involved? The siblings of your special needs son or daughter may be too young to get involved at this time, but this will get you thinking about the future. Sibling groups may be a good way to get started. It doesn’t have to be a sibling; it could beContinue reading “What You Need to Know Part II”