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ForeverParent Updates, February 2023

Since August 1, 2021, ForeverParent has held several webinars, spoke to parent groups, school SEPAC meetings, adult agencies, sibling support networks, and transition conferences. We have directly spoken to hundreds of parents, guardians and siblings. It has become clear that families want peace of mind knowing their loved ones have the highest quality of life and care when they are no longer here.

Thinking about our own mortality is difficult. Discussions about family dynamics, sibling involvement, and financial resources may be uncomfortable, but are essential.

The next guardian or caregiver when you are not here should not be burdened by having to learn about everything you have done for so many years. Your work and advocacy has been extraordinary. You have all the pieces to the puzzle, do not leave the next person to put all those pieces together.

When we lost our parents, I was overwhelmed. My family, like so many out there, did not plan for this and they assumed they would have more time. My sister was left without guardianship. I couldn’t get access to her bank accounts; paperwork was late because I didn’t know my parents did this and consequently she lost her SSI payments. I was unaware of what medications she was taking or even who her doctors were, among many other important details of her life.

My parents didn’t want to burden us and boy did this backfire! As we were going through this process, I remember thinking, “Why is this so overwhelming? We should have been planning for this.” My sister did not receive the continuity of care that my parents were giving her. This could have all been avoided.

How will the next caregiver know where to find your son or daughter’s medical history, financial information, what they like, what they don’t like, what they enjoy doing on a Saturday night, what their fears are, their interests and so many more things you know as a parent or guardian.

Start putting the pieces in place today so the next caregiver (s) in your son or daughter’s life can carry on your legacy.

By properly preparing for this transition, you are giving your loved one the very best.

The ForeverParent Journey

ForeverParent offers a five-month process in the life of your family and adult child. It is a comprehensive and participatory process that is unlike anything most families have ever experienced.

The greater the depth of knowledge we create and record, the better the foundation for the future.

Initial meetings will review the needs of your son or daughter and their care. Equally important to the process is an assessment of the family, supports and stakeholders.

We will also ensure you have critical components in place such as the current status of your special needs trust, adult agency, independent living considerations, rep payee, guardianship, finances, employment and other paperwork that are essential to have in place.

At the conclusion of the five-month enrollment period, you will have all of this information recorded digitally and in a hardcover binder.

For more information contact Patric Barbieri email: p: 781-760-3050.


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